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Eco-friendly Compute.

Using recycled products, modern applications and security services to increase efficiency, shrink costs and save the planet.

Designing a Modern Workplace.

zeroC offers a new way of managing IT assets, plus services that modernise, increase work-place efficiencies and keep your data secure.

By introducing a refresh upgrade to existing IT assets, modern applications, data encryption and data protection into organisations, zeroC can make a huge difference to budget, productivity and carbon footprint.


Help save the environment by refreshing existing IT endpoints– for a fraction of the ‘new’ cost, saving up to (and over) 50% of usual cost


Introduce Microsoft Office 365, MIP, InTune and Teams for enhanced efficiency, communication and data security.

Endpoint Audit

Receive a complete review of end-point asset management, to help control assets more effectively.

All the devices you’ll need.

Choose from a portfolio of recycled devices to minimise your carbon footprint and maximise your value for money.


Fast, powerful and highly portable devices enabling true mobility. Refurbished and upgraded with high-standard hardware and software.

Workstations & Terminals

Maximise performance whilst reducing carbon emissions on fixed location hardware, with access to modern applications to increase efficiency.


A wide selection of the most popular smartphone models including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Huawei P-series amongst lots of others.

Tablets and 2-in-1s

Popular global products from leading brands, including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP and more to provide fast, flexible, mobile compute options.

How zeroC Works.

We take your tech products (laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and forensically cleanse them, destroying the discs and batteries ethically and securely. We then install brand new, fast SSD, long-life batteries and parts – breathing new life and extra performance into otherwise-obsolete technology.

Whilst extending the life of endpoint hardware, we also revitalise internal software– bringing them into the new age with Microsoft 365, Microsoft MIP, InTune and Teams. This comes with a full warranty for 12-36 months.

With endpoint protection, encryption and security,  we also deliver a complete review of end point asset management and data management – exposing weaknesses and reinforcing strengths.

This can be provided as a capital purchase or as operating expense with DaaS (Device as a Service), including other services for endpoint security, patch management and support plus RFID Asset Management.

Save your time and money.

up to 50% of the cost of a new device – and help save the environment.

Total Cost of Ownership

Dell Latitude 5490

Typical Retail Cost


zeroC Cost



Prices may change as this example reflects average percentage savings

Carbon Emmisions Reduced By 60%

Our Mission To Plant Trees.

zeroC ensures the rebuilding and restoration of environmentally impacted areas by planting trees every time we sell a zeroC device


Following the heart-breaking bushfires that swept through Australia during 2019 and 2020. The disaster left Australia's natural environment scorched, destroying countless eco-systems. With your help we can rebuild these eco-systems and give new homes to the affected wildlife.

Trees Planted: 51

Amazon Rainforest

Did you know that over that last 50 years around 17% of the Amazon rainforest has fallen victim to deforestation? zeroC aims to help reverse this by planting 1 tree for every end-point device provided. Here’s our progress so far!

Trees Planted: 59

You Can Make A Difference.

Use this calculator to see the difference you can make by purchasing eco-friendly technology from zeroC

Recycle A Device

Select a device to see the impact you could make by going green.
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Co2 Saved

Purchasing refurbished devices saves:


Co2 ppm
New Devices


Co2 ppm
Refurbished Devices


Co2 ppm

Total emissions saved to date: 63690.00

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About zeroC

zeroC is a joint venture between pure technology group and S2S, with a view to reducing carbon emissions in the IT sector, while improving the quality, security and protection of IT solutions.

The shared vision between both companies hopes to positively impact the environment by offering refurbished technologies at a fraction of the new cost and by planting trees in areas suffering from environmental damage. The overall goal is to encourage greener B2B IT purchasing, and ultimately help defend our natural environment from disaster.

The pure technology group is a leading provider of ICT services and solutions to SME, corporate and public sectors.

S2S specialise in secure, ethical, asset disposal and recycling to eliminate e-waste and carbon emissions, securely. The sustainable approach drives its mission to safely and securely recover data from end of life tech – radically reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

The joint-venture between both businesses demonstrates a shared passion for protecting our environment and giving the most value possible to businesses looking for IT solutions.

Let’s get started.

If you have any questions on how we can help please feel free to drop us a message or get a quote for green IT

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